Women's Rights- A Struggle Towards Suffrage (1807-1920)
     Suffrage means the right to vote in a political election. The Women's

Suffrage Movement in the US was the struggle to gain the same right to
vote as men. Women lost the right to vote in most states in the late

 1700s. Since then, many women have longed to get suffrage back.

Women protested, organized conventions, and established suffrage

Anthony & Stanton form the NWSA
associations. Women desperately wanted to vote     

because they wanted to be seen as equal to men,
make their own decisions, and have freedom.

    Gaining suffrage was a hard battle  because so many people opposed

People who opposed women suffrage
 women suffrage-the right of women to

vote. They   were  against   women   

suffrage  for  various  reasons.  The

Women's  Suffrage Movement had many

failures, but also many successes, and

ended with several consequences.