Women's Rights- A Struggle Towards Suffrage (1807-1920)

Process Paper

1.        Explain how you chose your topic.

     We chose our topic by researching different ideas given on our NHD handout that we received in class. When Mrs. Caruso took us to the media center, we used our handouts to research the different topics. We debated on the different possible topics. Since we've already learned a reasonable amount of information about women's rights in the past, we thought women’s rights, specifically women's suffrage, would be an interesting topic to work on as a group project. The topic was an interesting, yet broad topic, so there was an abundant amount of available information.

2.       Explain how you conducted your research.

We conducted our research by mainly using the internet to look up information. We used Google as a search engine and typed in keywords that related to our topic, such as “successes in women's suffrage” or “19th amendment” in the search bar. When we found a useful website, one of us would write, or type the name of the site on a fresh page to avoid plagiarism and come back to the page later and cite it in our bibliography. Over time, we'd got enough information to finish the assignment. We cited our pictures, also. We even went to the public library to check out books so that more information could be added to our project. This way of researching helped narrow down the main points necessary to have a good project and keep track of it, too.

3.       Explain how you selected your presentation category and created your project.

     We selected our presentation category by looking at the available options. We decided we did not want to do an exhibit because we’ve done one before. We also thought that neither of the any other categories suited us. A website seemed much more inexpensive, fun, and simple. We also took this as a challenge of trying something new for once, instead of a traditional backboard. That’s what we thought and it turned out that way, too! 
      We created our project by doing something anyone would do; adding information and collected sources. At first, it wasn’t easy, neither of us made a website using Weebly before. Everything was challenging. Then, we played with the buttons a bit and finally discovered what they did. We started organizing the pages, selected the right background, and added pictures so that everything would be in order and wouldn’t be boring. Along the way, we made a few mistakes, but it gradually turned out to be a lot better.

4.       Explain how your project relates to the NHD theme.

     Our project relates to the NHD theme because the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the United States was a successful debate that came to be law. It changed history, and how people later on would be analyzed in the future, especially in voting. On top of that, the movement was so successful in the US that similar ideas of the struggle spread to other parts of the world, giving those women freedom, too.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Words: 499

By Lillian Mulligan and Shyamalee Ramaraj