Women's Rights- A Struggle Towards Suffrage (1807-1920)


Suffragists were people who fought for women suffrage. This population included both women and men. Here are some major Suffragists:

                                           Elizabeth Cady Stanton

   Stanton was a social activist and a leading figure in the early woman's movement. She was a co-founder of the National Women Suffrage Association and the first president of the National American Women Suffrage Association. She worked with Susan B. Anthony and she traveled around the country to make speeches regarding women suffrage.

                                                                           Lucretia Mott

    Mott was an American Quaker, abolitionist, social reformer, and supporter of women's rights. She became friends with Stanton and mentored her and together they organized a women's rights convention. She was elected as the first president of the American Equal Rights Association and worked for suffrage. 

                                                                        Susan B. Anthony

   Anthony was an American civil rights leader who played an important role in introducing women suffrage to the US. She was a co-founder of the National Women Suffrage Association. She spoke at several National Women's Rights Conventions. In 1887 she introduced an amendment to the senate but it was defeated. The same amendment was ratified in 1920 as the Nineteenth Amendment and is also known today as the Anthony Amendment.  

                                                                     Carrie Chapman Catt

  Catt was a women's suffrage leader who campaigned for the Nineteenth Amendment to be added to the US Constitution. She served as president of the NAWSA for two terms. She worked with Anthony and campaigned hard in 1919 and managed to get congress to approve the Nineteenth Amendment and later 36 states ratified it. In 1920 she established the League of Women Voters.

Others were: 

  • Alice Paul
  • Belva Lockwood
  • Henry Ward Beecher
  • Martha Coffin Wright
  • Lucy Stone

Major Successes

There were many successes in the fight for women suffrage including the 19th Amendment being ratified, giving women the right to vote. 

Others included:
  • The Women Suffrage Amendment was written in 1887.
  • Wyoming becomes the first state to have suffrage since 1807.
  • The movement accelerated when the NAWSA was formed in 1890.
  • Several states grant suffrage in 1917.
  • Important political figures, Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt endorsed the amendment.