Women's Rights- A Struggle Towards Suffrage (1807-1920)


        Anti-Suffragists were people who opposed women suffrage. This population 
              included both women and men. Here are some major Anti-Suffragists:

Mary Humphrey Ward

Ward strongly opposed the idea of women's suffrage. She was asked to be the first president of the Anti-Suffrage League in 1908. She argued in cases against women's suffrage and participated in debates at colleges. She was a well-known figure for some women.

                                                             Caroline Haines Putnam

Putnam was the chairwoman and host of the Anti-Suffrage Association. She lived in Brooklyn Heights, a neighborhood in New York.

                                                   Josephine Marshall Jewell Dodge

Dodge was an adversary of women's suffrage. She formed the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage in 1911 and was the editor of an anti-suffrage Woman's Protest, an anti-suffrage newsletter.

Others were

  • Sturgis Coffin
  • Alice Hill Chittenden
  • Mrs. Theodore L. Cuyler
  • Mrs. Lyman Abbott
  • Mrs. John Tasker Howard
  • Mrs. Charles Cuthbert Hall
  • Mrs. Tunis Bergen
  • Mrs. William C. Beecher

Major Failures

There were several failures in the process of gaining the right to vote for women in the US either because of state governments, or Anti-Suffragists.

Such failures were:
  • 14th amendment passed Congress in 1867, but it failed to be approved.
  • Women petition to vote but are turned down in 1868.
  • In 1870, 42 women attempt to vote in Massachusetts, but ballots are ignored.
  • In 1871 the Anti-Suffrage Society formed to stop women's suffrage from being granted.